Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Medina (NY) Railroad Museum's Fall Foliage Excursion!

Received via email

On October 7, 2017 the Medina Railroad Museum sponsored two fall foliage round trip excursions from Medina to Lockport, New York. One of the trip’s highlights was crossing over Lockport’s 395 foot long “upside down bridge”. It gets that name since the deck truss looks as though it is positioned upside-down. Built in 1902, legend has it this bridge was built as an attempt to limit the size of boats that would be able to use the Erie Canal in order to put the canal out of business. Also included is a view from my coach seat while crossing over the bridge. In the background can be seen Canal Locks 34 and 35. Those wires adjacent to the bridge are not power lines. For twenty-five dollars a person can zip line across the Erie Canal not once but twice! No boats are passing under it on this Saturday as GVT 2035 (ex-NYC 8035; ALCO RS32) leads a consist of five ex-NYC coaches (2915, 2918, 2941, 2906 and 2932), two Pullman cars (RPCX 1950 and 1919) and baggage car RPCX 9640 across the bridge. The train is also seen passing through the Prospect Street grade crossing in Lockport. Unfortunately no hint of fall colors on the trees on an unseasonably warm autumn day. As the train pulled into the Lockport Yard GVT 2035 would uncouple, run around the train and then lead the train back to Medina.