Thursday, January 10, 2008

Saturday morning (1/5) sightings:

were only two in number. Ice floes were still on the Raritan River as NS 20K came through around 8:57 with PRR 8444 (C40-8W, ex-CR-6273) on the point coupled with NS 9000 (C40-9W). 20K's trailing consist was made up TOFCs.

Ninety minutes later, CSX Q300 would finish working Manville yard and head east down the passing siding with 106 cars of mixed freight A good number of those cars would be trash containers on flatcars. A roster shot is included for the modelers as this is the orange colored flatcar and container. Motive power was CSX 4587 (SD70MAC), CSX 435 (AC44CW), CSX 8532 (SD50) and CSX 7768 (C40-8W).

Falling into the "heard about but didn't see" category was NS 213, rumored to have UP power, and a NS high and wide load that passed through Alpha, NJ around 11:40.

Not a really good day but on the other hand, not a bad day either. It was nice getting trackside with some sunny weather instead of the dreary Saturdays we have had the past few weekends...