Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It was so cold in Manville...

(Train sightings on 1-17-09.)

that when I was trackside, the pen I use to record engine numbers ink froze up even before I had a chance to write anything down! Switching to Plan B, a pencil was then employed to record the trains observed passing by my vantage point this morning. In time sequence, those trains were:

NS 20G (Los Angeles, CA to Kearney, NJ) @ 8:12- was eastbound with NS 9354, BNSF 5225 and BNSF 5097 for motive power. The train consisted of COFCs.

NS 21M (North Bergen, NJ to Chicago, IL) @ 8:37- would have NS 2611 and NS 9536 for its power.

NS 20K (Chicago, IL to North Bergen, NJ) @ 9:20- was also eastbound with NS 9208 as its leader, followed by NS 8974 and NS 93?? with a short train of TOFCs.

NS 20R (Chicago, IL to Kearney, NJ) @ 9:30- had NS 9859 and NS 6623 bringing this intermodal train of COFCs east.

In addition to those four trains, CSX's Q300 was heard from but not seen over my scanner as I was calling it a morning.