Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a difference a day makes...

(Train sightings on 1-18-09.)

when you compare my Saturday versus Sunday's trackside outings. On Saturday, I experienced frigid temperatures and a steady breeze which me feel like I was railfanning the Siberian tundra. Sunday's weather definitely felt like a spring day for me with "balmy" temperatures in the low thirties, and no wind. A fresh coating of snow also added to this winter setting. What made it even nicer was seeing only CSX trains! Those yellow nose diesels certainly stood out in this setting of white snow. CSX local MA2 would also have an ex-CR unit. Seeing this proved to also be a pleasant surprise for me as the number of ex-CR units is dwindling due to being repainted. Those trains observed passing through the Manville area are as follows:

CSX Q703 (Oak Point, NY to Collier, VA) @ 9:23- would have CSX 5283 and CSX 5002 taking out the garbage for disposal.

CSX MA2- would depart Manville with four cars (one platform car / three ACF cars) at 10:15 and return with twelve cars (the platform car / eleven ACF cars). Motive power was PRR 5292.

CSX Q190 (Philadelphia, PA to South Kearny, NJ) @ 11:15- had CSX 930 as its leader coupled up with CSX 4821.
CSX Q300 (Philadelphia to Oak Island) @ 11:55- would have no work at Manville on this Sunday morning. Motive power was CSX 8838 and CSX 7700 with a long train of mixed freight.