Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saturday morning's snowy sightings

(Train sightings on 1-10-09.)

neither rain, nor snow or cold will keep me from my appointed morning trip to be trackside in Manville on a Saturday morning. As a result, you get to read about what trains I saw from the warmth of your place while I was trackside on this cold snowy day making these notes. Through the falling snow, the trains seen:

NS 21M @ 8:25- NS 2778, NS 2755 and NS 2764 had thirty-six cars, estimated train length 8,300 feet.

NS 20R @ 9:32- NS 9629, NS 7680, NS 7576, NS 8842 and NS 2578 would bring this short intermodal east after a crew change in Manville.

NS 212 @ 9:45- had NS 8908, NS 9470 and PRR 8460 (ex-LMS 720) kicking up the snow as it passed by my location.

CSX Q300 @ 10:35- After taking care of an air hose problem that was discovered around 10:00, Q300 finally departed Manville with CSX 8842 and CSX 8871 in charge of thirty-five loads and thirty-six empties.

CSX Q417 @ 10:43- with the Trenton Line now clear, Q417, with CSX 7809 and CSX 8051, proceeded south with fifty-five cars of mixed freight.

NS 64J @ 10:50- this unit train of empty garbage containers headed east with NS 2510 and NS 8398 in charge.