Saturday, March 23, 2013

A revised glimpse at NJT's Raritan Station; 1985 and 2013

(Train sightings in 1985 & 2013.)

It was a sunny day and the temperature was pushing into the low eighties as CR's WJOI was heading west along NJT's Raritan Valley Line on September 30, 1985. In the lead is CR 2805 (GE B23-7), a second unidentified diesel and followed by its mixed consist of frieght. Back then there were a number of customers along this line that received shipments by rail. That load of lumber, second car back in the consist, might be destined for the lumber company that was located near Glen Gardner. The two signal bridges seen in this photo were in the process of being dismantled.

Fast forward to present day Raritan and one can see a number of changes as NJT's train 5521 arrives in the station to let its passengers disembark. As for the freight business along this line, there is only one now. It would be Fisher Scientific which receives two or three tank cars when needed and is located about two miles west of this location.