Wednesday, May 01, 2013

For a change of pace...

(Train sightings on 4-21-13.)

... I thought it would be nice to do a chase of NS's H76 on Sunday instead of photographing the mainline NS frieghts that pass over the Lehigh Line. With that in mind, I was off to Bloomsbury (LEHL MP 68.8) to see if there was a center flow car on the siding by Agway. This would be the first stop for H76 on its trip east to Manville. NS 9747 (C40-9W) would bring it three car consist to a halt just past the siding. NS 6806 (SD60M) and three center flow cars would be uncoupled from 9747, pull forward and back up onto the spur to couple up to this car.

Next stop would be at the Crop Production Service siding in Jutland to pick up two more center flow cars, one of them bearing the Norfolk & Western "NW". Following the H76 was nice since it provided me with a opportunity to photograph locations that I don't normally get a chance to see switching activity.