Friday, February 28, 2014

Heading west to Kingman, AZ!

(Train sightings in 2001.) 

Got tired of looking out of the window here at home at all the snow piled up here in NJ and decided to head west to Kingman, Arizona, at least in spirit, by way of these two images. Ahhh... to be there now where the temperature on February 23, 2014 is seventy degrees and lots of sunshine. The first image has Santa Fe 608 leading BNSF 6896, BNSF 6815 and an unidentified fourth unit leading an intermodal through Kingman Canyon back in May, 2001. 

Taken from a higher elevation, still another intermodal with a power consist of BNSF 5313, BNSF 4313, BNSF 8211 and BNSF 4354 in October, 2001. The two-lane road seen off to the left is the historical Route 66.