Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An interesting day trackside along the LEHL!

(Train sightings on 3-22-14.) 

It turned out to be an interesting afternoon on Saturday along the LEHL here in central NJ. NS 052, a high / wide Air Products load, made the slow trip from Bethlehem to Manville on what was a nice day. On Sunday morning,this high / wide consist would head down CSX's Trenton Line as CSX X999 for eventual shipment overseas, destination unknown. Motive power for this move was two "heritage" units, NS 3426 and NS 5269. NS 3426 is an SD40-2 that was built in 1966 as KCS 602 and would become CR 6962. NS 5269 is an ex-PC and CR GP38-2 that was numbered 8058. The first image shows 052 passing slowly, train personnel described it as "...walking speed", through the double bridges west of the Hamden Road grade crossing in Hunterdon County. That second image shows the APTX 201,the car carrying this first h/w load, wheel configuration. In all my years of seeing these Air Products high / wide moves, this is the first time I can recall seeing two of these units being moved simultaneously. 

On my way home once the high / wide was stored in the ex-Reading Manville yard, I headed home via the crossing over the Valley Road grade crossing in Hillsborough, a westbound headlight could be seen in distance. Leading what was NS 33K was CN 2160 (C40-8W) seen here west of the Roycefield Road grade crossing at CP SULLY with its consist of mixed freight.