Monday, March 31, 2014

BBCX 1000 Schnabel car by Bound Brook on train W98628

Received the following via email, as posted on Yahoo Groups CRRNJ on 3-29-14.

Hello all....  I just came through Bound Brook on my caboose BBCX 1002 with Schnabel Car BBCX 1000 and flat car BBCX 1004 on train W98628 Locomotive CSXT 8739.  I know I was on the old Lehigh Valley and that is where the Reading took over.  As we came through I saw the tracks bearing off to the right which I believe is CNJ to Raritan(Spelling ?) and the crossover between the CNJ and Reading which I believe used to be double track for the B&O going to Jersey City.  Right in the middle I saw what looked to be a Rail to Trail and am curious as to which railroad the trail may have been.   Also hello to all the photographers at Bound Brook and elsewhere.  If by chance you belong to this group say hello.  This is a special train going to Hardeeville SC with a stop at Florence for a few days. This movement is with the deck in place which is unusual. I hope all took good pictures in the rain.  Thanks for coming out and seeing the equipment.