Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sightings on a blustery Saturday!

(Train sightings on 3-15.14.) 

Photo 1-With NS 9303 and NS 9765, NS 20E (Chicago to Croxton) enters the Royce Runner siding in Hillsborough (NJ) on March 15, 2014 in order to allow NS 211 to head west. Earlier in the week, this siding became fully operational and no longer required trains to stop and manually throw the switch in order to enter or leave the west end of this siding. This also eliminated the tied up grade crossings in this area. The former Royce Running Track is now designated as Main 1 while the single main is now designated as Main 2. Regarding the designation of "Sully",this CP was named to recognize NS and former EL engineer John Sullivan who passed away before his retirement.  

Photo 2- With a CSX crew, NS 24K makes its way down CSX's Trenton Line after waiting for CSX K041 to clear Port Reading Jct in Manville (NJ). With scheduled MOW shutdowns on SEPTA's Norristown Line 24K (Rutherford to Morrisville, PA) was re-routed once again east over NS’s Lehigh Line and then west down CSX’s Trenton Line.