Sunday, August 03, 2014

The view from the cupola!

(Sightings from a caboose on 7-26-14.) 

Back on June 21st, BR&W ran a "Caboose Hop" from Ringoes to Three Bridges (NJ). Being that the weather that day was so nice and BR&W's #60 was scheduled to be the power, I decided to head trackside and get some photos of that trip. Mentioning to my wife where I was going to my surprise she asked if she could come along and I said "Yes!". Alas, 60 did have some mechanical issues and LV 112 was substituted as the power for that day's run. The biggest surprise for me though was when my wife commented that she would like to ride in a caboose after seeing BR&W's caboose consist pass by! Our tickets were purchased for BR&W's July 26th caboose hop and off we went. The caboose we got to ride in was a Maine Central extended vision caboose and it was quite an experience riding up there while watching Hunterdon County's country side pass by. Sitting up high, we spotted numerous white tailed deer in the fields. Heading back to Ringoes, our train also spooked a red fox out of hiding in the undergrowth.  Having grown up near the CNJ's mainline, I would often wonder what it was like to sit up in the cupola watching CNJ freights pass by. This excursion answered my question in a very enjoyable way. So what does the view from the cupola look like? These images will give you a glimpse of what it was like from my seat up there and I hope you enjoy it!  

Passing through Flemington, we passed what was once the CNJ station that has since been converted into a bank.

Approaching Route 12 the engineer starts to sound the horn as he prepares to take his train across this busy highway back to Ringoes.

Crossing the Raritan River the engineer is sounding LV 112's horn as the train approaches River Road's grade crossing.