Thursday, August 28, 2014

Variety was riding the rails!

(Train sightings on 8-23-14 and 8-24-14.) 

...between Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the various consists I observed.

Photo 1- BR&W's last "Caboose Hop" of the year on Saturday evening is seen crossing Route 12 and approaching Flemington's (NJ) Turntable Junction. Motive power was LV SW1 112 still earning its keep after seventy-five years with a Chessie, Wabash, Maine Central and Erie cabooses in tow.

Photo 2: Air Products heat exchanger makes it way down CSX's Trenton Line at Belle Mead (NJ) on Sunday morning around 9:30. On Saturday it was moved from Bethlehem (PA) to Manville (NJ) were it was held over night for Sunday's trip down the TL as CSX X999. That diesel seen in the shadows is NS 6918. This heat exchanger's final destination is unknown.

Photo 3: Before heading home I stopped by the LEHL's Valley Road grade crossing in Hillsborough (NJ) and saw NS 22V with NS 7601 and NS 8713 for power. As those COFCs passed by my location, I couldn't help but to wonder about the variety of goods and products within those COFCs. Three different trains with three different consists!