Monday, September 29, 2014

Taking advantage of Saturday's sun!

(Train sightings on 9-27-14.) 

Decided to take advantage of Saturday's awesome weather by heading at along NJ's stretch of the LEHL. This marked the first time in a long time I was back this way. First stop was at Bloomsbury (NJ) where I caught NS 7560 illuminated by the sun as NS 290 passed by the Defect Detector at MP 68.8 around 8:37 AM. Not to keep one in the dark about what the second unit was in this power consist, it was NS 6944.

After 290 passed, I headed over to Pattenburg Tunnel to satisfy my curiosity about how it looked. Many of the favorable photo locations were no longer there. Vegetation and foliage had grown over and basically eliminated them. For me it was a sad sight since I had taken so many photos here in years past and, in the process, met many railfans who later became friends of mine. Heading down Route 31, I would stop at the Hamden Road grade crossing in Hunterdon County. About one hour later, NS 22V is seen approaching the Hamden Road grade crossing near the LEHL's MP 57 around 9:44 under brilliant sunshine. Note that there is a slight changing of color in the foliage, nothing though to get excited about yet.