Saturday, January 24, 2015

NJT's Track Geometry Inspection Vehicle (TGIV) ...

(Train sightings on 1-13-15.)

... is seen heading east over NJT's Raritan Valley Line on January 13th approaching Whitehouse Station (RVL MP 44.2). The TGIV is a self-propelled vehicle that is capable of examining both track geometry and catenary. Staffed with a three man crew, two vehicle operators and a computer systems operator, the TGIV records track geometry measurements every foot at up to fifty miles-per-hour. Manufactured by the Fairmont / Tamper division of Harsco Track Technologies, it cost an estimated $2.5 million and weighs in around sixty tons. This TGIV measures in at sixty-five feet long, ten feet eight inches wide and fourteen feet nine inches high. This one replaced a previous one that caught fire on September 17, 2002 while working NJT's North Jersey Coast Line.