Sunday, January 25, 2015

PRR Heritage Unit on the Lehigh Line in New Jersey

(Train sightings on 1-19-15.) 

Definitely was a cold morning here while waiting for the PRR heritage here in central NJ. Fortunately there was a sufficient number of trains to be seen passing through the Valley Road grade crossing in Hillsborough (NJ) at LEHL MP 40 and here is what I saw:

1, Unknown EB intermodal @ 9:11. Motive power was NS 9206 & NS 8878.
2. Unknown WB intermodal @ 9:15. It was held on the siding at CP SULLY for the previously mentioned EB. Motive power was NS 9542, NS 9082, NS 2741 and NS 7634.
3. NS 212 @ 11:40. Motive power was NS 9198, UP 9584 and NS 8709.
4. NS 18N @ 12:20. Motive power was NS 8102 and NS 9171.

NS 8102 makes eight heritage photographed for me and only twelve to go! Hope that the remaining twelve are passing through NJ when its warmer!