Friday, August 07, 2015

Knight Train just 3 weeks away!

Received the following from The Delaware River Railroad Excursions, Phillipsburg, NJ. 

A Renaissance Fair & Steam Train Ride Back In Time
August 22 & 23
Great Acts  In the Station Area

Throughout the day there will be great entertainment in the station area.
The Lords of Adventure
Jack Bold and Roger Awesome are the Lords of Adventure. These two identical twin brothers perform their token "two-man comedy sword fighting show.
Shelli Buttons
Aerial acrobatics and feats of human awe and gymnastics.
Aerial Acrobatics, Fitness, Art, and Love! The Shelli Buttons YouTube channel will feature videos of my aerial and acrobatic performances, workout and fitness tips, philosophy, advice and more! Come learn and grow with me, and above all, have fun and spread love!
  Pieces of 8
Pieces of 8 is a fantastic Acappella singing experience. No instruments needed, just the power of our voices. We sing about adventure, romance, and general silliness! Our debut performance was at the first annual NJ Renaissance Faire in Sept, 2010, and we can't wait for more!!
Father & Son strolling musicians performing on a good many instruments for music of the Renaissance, Victorian, World Music, Celtic, Jazz Improv and more!
Adamo Ignis
'Adamo Ignis' is latin for 'to fall in love with flame'. Exactly what you'll be doing when you see the literally hot stunts in this group's show! The passion of dance, the danger of fire, and of course many other stunts and tricks will leave you in love with more than just the flame.
Ride The Train To The Ruins Of
 Kilns Castle

Each train car will have it's very own Knight and Squire to escort you to the tournament of Champions at the Ruins of Kilns Castle. Sit back and enjoy a 45 minute show about the days of old!
Hammernought Armory

Fortunes by Lydia
My Pieces of Eight
Green Cow Studio
Beauty and Beasts
Starlight Caravan
Villa Milagro Vineyard

Ol'Susquehanna Mine 
At the mine pan for real gem stones you can take home!
Knight Train Corn Maze
At the mine site journey into a 10 acre corn maze and play the game where getting lost is half the battle!
Brought to you by the folks at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire & The Delaware River Railroad Excursions.
Prepare yourself for a full day of family fun and adventure on the Knight Train. Immerse yourself in the fully interactive world of the Knight Train.
Enjoy the Renaissance Faire on the station grounds complete with acts and entertainment as well as food and merchandise vendors.
Enjoy the different acts, vendors and entertainment throughout the day, before and after your train ride back in time.
the real magic happens when you journey back in time to the King Arthur's Tournament of Champions at the ruins of Kilns Castle. Each train car will have it's very own Knight and Squire to escort you to the tournament. BEWARE, the tournament may awaken the evil sprit rumored to inhabit the ruins of the castle and disrupt the tournament! Will this be the year? Come cheer on your champions at the ruins and if the evil spirit makes her move, lets hope that Merlin the great wizard shows up in time to save the day!

Delaware River Railroad Excursions | Phillipsburg, New Jersey | 877-train-ride

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