Monday, August 24, 2015

Too nice a day not to be trackside!

(Train sightings on 6-10-15.)

After what has been too long a hiatus from going trackside for me, Wednesday's weather forecast called for pleasant temperatures and sunny skies. In a sense, a reprieve from the heat and humidity that would be coming in and staying with us for a few days. Decided to head out to Bloomsbury and see what would be passing by the Lehigh Line's MP 68.8. It wasn't long before the first eastbound train could be heard sounding its horn for the Still Valley Road grade crossing. A short while later its headlight appeared off in the distance. As it came closer it was easy to see this was NS 22V with its colorful consist of COFCs that would be passing by my location at 8:28. Motive power for 22V would be NS 9150 and NS 9409. About twenty minutes later, NS 20E would pass by my vantage point with NS 7588 and NS 2522 bringing more COFCs east. Nothing outstanding when it came to the motive power I saw but passing up such fine weather was too hard to resist.