Thursday, August 06, 2015

Three Memorial Day weekend images

(Train sightings on 5-23-15 and 5-24-25.) 

The first one taken at Hershey (PA) show general merchandise freight NS 19G (Oak Island, NJ to Conway, PA) heading past Hershey Park on Saturday (5/23). High above is 'ol Glory waving proudly in the breeze on this gorgeous spring day. While waiting I marveled while watching some of the roller coaster rides Hershey Park had. Back in my youth, I thought those wooden roller coasters were plenty scary. Compared to these newer rides, with their steep drops and upside down rolls, those old coasters were mild in comparison to these newer rides. Sunday's track side excursion in Hillsborough (NJ) enabled me to catch a rather unusual power consist on NS 212. The leader was CSX 5489, followed by UP 6946 and trailing was UP 2001 with its Olympic Torch Relay paint scheme. Have a good Memorial Day...