Thursday, January 28, 2016

B&LE Generator Dimension Load on #4607 at Osgood 04-03-77

Those are Chris Harding's sentiments regarding sharing his terrific image of 4-truck flat car B&LE #4607

Chris was in Industrial Engineering with the B&LE in Greenville, PA when this gem basked in an April Sunday morning's sunlight up on the nearby former LS&MS/NYC/PC-B&LE interchange at Osgood, one year and three days into Conrail. The NYC Oil City Branch (CR Clarion Secondary) through here was abandoned in 1988 and pulled up in '91, so this interchange is long gone. That's the also long-since demolished, leveled and backfilled PA Route 18 overpass in the background (nobody to now care to cut back the trees and brush, either, as was visible above the impact register crates on the near end of the car).

Too bad there are no legible markings to suggest where this load was manufactured or destined on this 200-ton cap. car. Now, almost 39 years later, I wonder if it's still making 'juice', wherever it was installed. This was during the final stretch of my Senior Year at Sharpsville High School...wish I'd known about that load being there; I'd have gone up to see it!