Sunday, January 03, 2016

Denver Union Station at Night, Lit Up for Christmas

Received Via E-Mail from Nathan Clark

Two really neat night photographs taken by a dear friend from high school and college days who now lives near Denver. Recalling my interests in railroading, she forwarded these pictures of how the season is celebrated at this restored downtown landmark that dates back to 1881. She also shared a bunch of interior and daylight exterior views. An example of a stellar structure that was notleveled during America's 'urban renewal' blitz in the Sixties and Seventies to make another parking lot.

The red and green streaks in the sky to the right of the station in the first (more distant) shot are Christmas lights strung out onto the horizontal booms of tower cranes in the background, looming high above city center construction sites. A number of such cranes were similarly adorned in Denver, as were their vertical towers...a nice touch on the city's night horizon. The amount of effort involved in stringing all of those lights in those precarious places astounds even me, who climbed a fair number of tall towers a few decades back. 

Enjoy these images and have a Happy New Year!