Saturday, May 28, 2011

CR train at Belle Mead, NJ - April, 1981

Received the following via email.

The slide mounts on these two images said "APR 81" so I will venture a guess to say these two images are from 1981. This view is from the current and soon to removed Route 206 highway bridge above the Belle Mead station. A CR freight with GP40s 3105 and 3065 wait for the signal to proceed south. So how many changes have taken place since this scene was taken? Here are some of the more visble observations... There is only one track here now and note how the track near the station seems to be wearing a coating of rust. No way any vehicle could be parked there today in 2011 unless your vehicle was an Abrams tank! That area is overgrown with trees. The freight house in the upper left hand corner in no where to be seen these days. Perhaps it is obscured by trees or has been leveled. Belle Mead station is in need of some major funding in order to restore it to a usable state. As for the signal bridges, "BM" Tower and interlocks, they are also gone.