Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Saturday morining sightings at Bloomsbury (LEHL; MP 68.8)

(Train sightings on 5-7-11.)

... could not afford to waste Saturday's morning sunlight and decided to head back to an old haunt of mine, Bloomsbury. Traffic was sparse with only three trains seen during the time I was trackside. First up was NS 202 heading east with NS 9629, NS 9149 and NS 8775 @ 8:45. 202 would pass by a waiting NS 11J holding the siding at MP 67. 

Once 202 was clear, the "all day 11J" would go west past my location @ 8:57 with its consist of 60 autoracks. Almost an hour would pass before NS 21M would pass by the Agway Co-Op. In charge of this intermodal train was NS 9720, NS 8348 and NS 9347.