Monday, May 16, 2011

Spending some time along NJT's RVL

(Train sightings on 5-9,10,11-11.)

With NJ experiencing some "San Diego" type weather last week, I decided to take advantage of this and see what NJT's RVL had to offer in the way of photo opportunities. Needless to say, I would not be disappointed. The first location was the Whitehouse Station. What was nice about this location is that it gives a person not one but two different settings. The first location would be to photograph the train approaching the Main Street grade crossing. A second one would be to stand further back and work the curved lamp posts into one's scene. 

Heading back to Raritan's BOYD Tower, evening sunlight also allows one to photograph a westbound train from the north side of the tracks. It is a nice change of pace from what is normally a south side of the tracks shot only. 

Lebanon's station alos provided a nice location despite some obtrusive shadows that marred the  scene of NJT's 5733 arrival at 6:03. 

My final stop would be in High Bridge to photograph NJT's 5729. Waiting for the train's arrival, I swear I could hear the distant sound of CNJ's freights that once passed by this station. Where is a time machine to go back in time to be a witness to some of those CNJ lashups? Hope you enjoyed this little excursion along NJT's RVL.