Friday, May 20, 2011

St. Louie blues

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary Jr.  Text, photos, and captions are his.

Working 8 nights in a row, sleeping during the day...sounds like fun, NOT!!! With all there was to see in St Louis, spent most of the days sleeping or recovering from a bronchial infection...also not fun. Did get to see some of the last remnants of the Manufacturers RR as well as a few UP coal trains...the night stuff is all existing light and taken while on the job. now on towards Hazard, KY

AMTK 90200 at St Louis, MO

Manufacturers Rwy 256 at St Louis, MO

METRO 4009, 2003 at St Louis, MO

UP 6999 at St Louis, MO