Sunday, June 23, 2013

My consolation prizes!

(Train sightings on 6-15-13.)

When I was made aware that the NS Lehigh Valley heritage unit would be leading NS's 18N autorack train, visions of my photographing another heritage unit appeared before my eyes. The weather forecast called for sunny skies and pleasant temperatures for its passage through NJ hopefully during the midday hours. Such was not the case to be as "Murphy's Law" took over. 18N ended up being delayed at various spots along its route causing it to pass through Central NJ after 7 PM under cloudy skies. The final straw for me was when it was held at MP 62 on the LEHL for a westbound intermodal to pass. By that time my hopes had faded as fast as the sun sinking in the west. But it wasn't a lost outing for me. I did manage to get eastbound NS 202 and NS 33K at Bloomsbury (LEHL MP 68.8). 33K was holding on the siding while waiting for 202 to pass. For consolation prizes, these two were not so bad but ohhh... the one that eluded me.

NS H76 06-15-13RS

NS 202 06-15-13RS