Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday's NS sightings!

(Train sightings on 6-22-13.)

On Saturday I decided to spend some time out in Bloomsbury to see what was on NS's Saturday morning schedule along the LEHL in addition to sharpening up my photography skills for August's "Lehigh Limited" excursion at this location. First train through was 11J and its consist of empty autoracks. Even though I am not thrilled at seeing graffiti on any surface, the artwork that is sometimes seen on these autoracks is very artistic. It makes me wonder why not apply those skills to a canvas on an artist's easel? With that being said, I shall step down off my soapbox and mention the next train I saw passing by at Bloomsbury's MP 68.8. It was eastbound NS 67J with it's consist of empty GOFCs (Garbage On Flatcar Container). Thank goodness those containers were empty since summer's warm temperature would have meant I got "wind" of that train's passing.

After 67J passed, I headed down to CSX's Trenton Line in Belle Mead and caught CSX K040, a unit oil train bound for Philadelphia. These oil trains are becoming more commonplace along this line. K040 is seen passing by the former Reading Station which is nearly obscured by vegetation. Hope you enjoyed this recap of what I saw...