Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saturday morning sightings in Bloomsbury...

(Train sightings on 6-8-13.)

After Tropical Storm Andrea's four inches plus of rain finally stopped, I headed out to Bloomsbury, NJ (MP 68.8) to see what was running on NS's LEHL. The only two trains that passed by my location while I was there was NS 212 @ 9:05. Motive power was NS 8407, NS 9591 and NS 9496. Forty-five minutes later, westbound 11J, with NS 9347 and NS 9218, would pass by with its consist of empty auto racks destined for Oak Wood, MI. Having the filtered sunlight enabled me to capture a image of 11J passing by Agway, something that is not always possible for morning westbound trains here.