Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tuesday is John Allen Day

Received the following via email.

Join the worldwide 100th Birthday John Allen Memorial (JAM) Breakfast on July 2 2013! It's a traditional railroader's breakfast of flapjacks and jam from strawberries, the big crop 'round Monterey where John lived, with tea or coffee. Substitutes are ok of course. Enjoy your breakfast at home or form a group. Mark your calendar today. Take a little time on this special day to remember John, model railroading's Wizard of Monterey, creator of the astonishing Gorre and Daphetid Railroad, and take another look at some of the fabulous photographs and innovations he introduced to our great hobby. Help spread the word, not just the jam! It's easy. Tell your club, your online forums and groups about it. This initiative has been undertaken by a small group of volunteers - model railroaders. We depend completely on you to get the word out wherever you can at home and abroad, ASAP. Join us for the month of June. Paste this entire postscript into your email signature. Get the official poster, more info and downloadable files here:

Cheers! John Le Forestier, Toronto

The official poster is also available for free download in your Yahoo Scenery Group Files section: