Thursday, January 23, 2014

NS Re-Routes over the Trenton Line continue...

(Train sightings on 1-18-14.)

Week two of scheduled MOW shutdowns on SEPTA's Norristown Line has NS 24K (Rutherford to Morrisville, PA) re-routed once again over NS’s Lehigh Line and then down CSX’s Trenton Line (TL). Upon its arrival at Port Reading Jct in Manville, 24K reversed its direction to head west over the TL as CSX B100-18. After holding for CSX K533 to clear, B100-18 is seen here heading west at MP50 on the TL at Belle Mead (NJ) on January 18, 2014 at 2:10 pm. Operating in a push / pull mode, NS motive power for the run down the Lehigh Line (LEHL) was NS 9630, NS 8958 and NS 9496. NS 9377 and NS 9392 would be the TL power consist. The icicles seen hanging off of the TOFC in the second image is most likely from condensation or top-icing draining and freezing.