Thursday, January 30, 2014

NS's Nickel Plate Road heritage unit @ Bloomsbury...

(Train sightings on 1-25-14.) 

A early Saturday morning internet posting made me aware NS's heritage unit NKP 8100 would be leading 22V after working Bethlehem. Despite the dreariness of the morning, I decided to head out to Bloomsbury (LEHL MP 68-NJ) and arrived a few minutes before 22V would pass by my location. Those yellow stripes on its nose certainly helped to make it stand out on this overcast day. NS's "all day" 11J, so-called since it is a low priority train, would be holding on the siding @ MP 67 for 22V to pass. After 22V had passed and realizing the weather wasn't going to get any better, I decided to head home past Flemington Jct (LEHL MP 51) to see if there were any trains waiting on the siding. Sure enough 22V was being held for 21M. That would give me sufficient time to head down to Three Bridges (LEHL MP 48) for still one more image of NKP 8100. With that image in my record book, that leaves fifteen more left to photograph!