Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Working from home does have its advantages!

(Train sightings on 1-22-14.) 

With nine inches of snow having fallen the previous day, there was no way I would be making the drive into the office. Instead I opted to work from home. After staring at my laptop's monitor for a better part of the day, my eyeballs needed an afternoon break. By late afternoon the roads were cleaned and Wednesday's sunshine was something that shouldn't go to waste.What better way to give them that break than heading down to NJ Transit's Raritan Valley Line and seeing what was running. NJT was operating a "enhanced weekend schedule" due to the snow storm which meant no service to High Bridge. All trains would terminate in Raritan. Bundling up to stay warm when it is seventeen degrees, I decided to head down to Raritan to get one quick photo of NJT's train 5525 arriving. It is seen passing by what once was the CNJ RA interlocking tower that is now used by NJT. After that train passed, it was back home now that my impromptu break had ended.