Monday, October 27, 2014

Another PA and NY road trip is in the books!

(Train sightings on 10-8-14 and 10-12-14.) 

...and a very enjoyable one it was at that. Having a week's vacation, I decided to head out to Columbia and try for that elusive (at least for me!) COLA Tower image. Unfortunately during my time spent at COLA Tower, there were no trains. However the trains were running at Hershey and Elizabethtown on October 8. In E-Town, I managed to photograph Amtrak's Keystone Service Train 645 making its 3 PM stop at the station. Since renovations have been completed, this station rates high in my book as one of the more photogenic stations to be seen in a small town.

From there I was off to Hershey where I caught NS 33A, a Allentown to Baltimore mixed manifest, passing by Hershey Park's roller coasters. Tucked in a few cars behind the motive power was an NS Scale Car. As for that motive power consist, it was NS 8333, UP 9366, NS 2694, NS 3014 and NS 712.

Coming back from Youngstown (NY) on Sunday, my wife and I made a brief stop in Kirkwood, NY and saw seven Susquehanna diesels sitting on the siding adjacent to the Frito-Lay factory. Our time here though was limited since we still had that long drive home...