Thursday, October 30, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary, Jr.  Text and photo are his.

Been spending the last week recuperating from my recent hospital experience
in front of my scanner, reliving life 30 years ago.  At that time I had a
job with a Safety Shoe Company whose exclusive contracts were with CR, D&H,
N&W, Seaboard System, Chessie System, and BN. 

I never had a chance to do the BN contract, but I did the others.  Twice a
year, I would cover most of the territory of the railroad, camera in hand.
Thankfully film was cheap then because I was going through 2-300 rolls a
year!!!  So, now, 30 years later I reflect on all those images that I saw
and photographed.  From time to time, I will send some out if there is any
interest in this older stuff. 

Tonight the subject is snow removal.  With the change of season and the
rapid loss of color in the Eastern PA area, one can only foretell of white
things to come.  I came across this home-made wedge plow in Danville, IL.
L&N had rebuilt it from a old heavyweight passenger car.  All I can say is I
hope you get the "point"!!!!!