Friday, November 07, 2014

From my NJT RVL archive...

(Train sightings in May, 1980 and July, 1982.) 

...comes these two images from the 1980s. The image of ex-CNJ 4107 (ex-CNJ 3680) is west of Raritan near MP 37. NJT's Raritan facility can be seen off in the distance and to the right in that image. I would speculate that this scene was taken sometime in May, 1980 and this train was most likely the noon day run to Phillipsburg (NJ).

The second image of NJT 4105 (ex-CNJ 3676) was taken near NJT's Raritan facility in July, 1982. Barely visble in the distance is the signal bridge near the present day Raritan station. Other details related to this scene are unknown.