Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NS Engineering Maintenance - Week of November 24th

Received the following via email. 

Service Alert - Engineering Maintenance - Week of November 24th

Norfolk Southern plans to conduct two Engineering projects before, and possibly through, the Thanksgiving holidays.  Beginning Monday, Nov 24th, Engineering will begin a project just outside of Elkhart, IN.  Simultaneously, another Engineering project will be between Columbus and Portsmouth, OH.  Customers with railcars moving through these areas should expect to see 12 to 24 hours in additional transit time.

Our Operations and Service Support Center will contact local customers to confirm needed service over the holiday weekend. Customers may also contact their Operations and Service Support or National Customer Service Center regarding questions on specific shipments or local service requirements. The latest ETA and routing information is always available through Pacesetter and accessNS. 

Customers with questions regarding specific shipments should contact the National Customer Service Center.

Customer Service Operations at 800-635-5768.
Customer Service Automotive Operations at 888-649-9273. 

Customers with questions regarding local service should contact their Operations and Service Support Representative.

Operations and Service Support at 800-898-4296.