Friday, June 12, 2015

BR&W News and Coming Events

Received the following via email.  

BR&W News & Coming Events
Dear Patron,

It's only June, but BR&W has already had a busy year! We've been working on the Alexauken Division, introduced a new coach on our passenger trains, and celebrated our 50th anniversary - but we're just getting started. Read up on our coming events, and get your tickets today!
Coming Events

This Saturday, June 7: Caboose Train
  • Departs RINGOES at 5:00 PM for a round-trip to Flemington, scheduled return to Ringoes at 6:15 PM. Reservations required, $15 per passenger.

Next Saturday, June 13: Readin' Railroad Story Time
  • Departs FLEMINGTON at 10:00 AM for a round-trip to Ringoes, scheduled return to Flemington at 11:15 AM. Reservations required.

Our Summer Excursions are now operating every Saturday and Sunday!

Recent News

New Coach!

This May we introduced former Central Railroad of New Jersey coach #1009 to our passenger trains. This coach was built in the early 1920's and our volunteers just completed an extensive overhaul, restoring its interior to its original appearance. Come ride any of our Summer Excursions to ride 1009!

Alexauken Division

We've been pressing on with our effort to clear the Alexauken Division and prepare for track rehabilitation. Work crews have reached as far south as Mt. Airy, and we recently purchased more ties! Visit our website to see a brief video with some shots of our recent progress.

BR&W 50'th Anniversary

On May 16-17 we celebrated our 50'th Anniversary in style - with a special train for railroad employees and invited guests, and special excursions for the public at our original 1965 prices. Hundreds of guests visited and enjoyed a ride behind steam locomotive #60.

LV 112 Goes Incognito

Former Lehigh Valley Railroad #112 is a small diesel-electric locomotive the BRRHT leases from Pennsy Railcar Restorations to pull many of our passenger trains when steam locomotive #60 is not operating. Recently, #112 received a fresh coat of paint honoring one of BR&W's first locomotives, #400. Come ride our Summer Excursions this summer to get a look!

Caboose Trains - 2015

Saturday June 6, 2015 to Saturday August 22, 2015 Enjoy an evening train ride from Ringoes to Flemington and return in one of our historic cabooses! Cabooses from several railroads are available and include bay window, cupola, and wide-vision models.


Readin' Railroad Story Time - 2015
Saturday June 13, 2015 to Saturday August 15, 2015 Enjoy a round-trip excursion between Flemington and Ringoes, and a reading of a popular children's book. Kids can follow along with their own copy of the book! Reservations required. "A" tickets are Adult tickets (age 12+). "C" tickets are Child tickets (under age 12). Make sure you consider how many books you want when choosing which tickets to purchase. Only tickets that indicate "1 book" in their description include a book!