Friday, June 12, 2015

Snow Squall at Chenango Road, W&LE, Saturday, 11/28

Received the following from our correspondent in NW Pennsylvania. 

We got down to 15 degrees on Friday night, here in Greenville, PA, and although we didn't quite get down into the single digits on Saturday night (after Ken Heyl made this photo, just east of New London, Ohio), we DID get just one frigid degree away...
Old Man Winter can be a tenacious sun-of-a-gun in March in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Good Sunday morning RR Friends,

Yesterday morning was a fairly nice here in Ashland, however when I got up to “CSX/WLE Land” the weather all CHANGED !   Here’s a photo from the “Winter Time RR Adventure” observed yesterday ---  W&LE #6983 waits in a snow storm for a crew change at Chenango Road just east of New London, Ohio.