Friday, June 12, 2015

NS 8101 Central of Georgia on 20K @ Stanton Station

(Train sightings on 3-29-15.)

The "S" curves at Stanton Station, NJ (LEHL MP 53) is the location for this image of 20K (Chicago, IL to Croxton, NJ intermodal) around 3:58 on Sunday as it continues east towards Croxton, NJ. Looking at this scene finds quite a variety of railroads represented. The NS leader 8101 (ES44AC) represents the Central of Georgia RR with CSX 5267 (ES44DC) and CSX 754 (ES44AC) trailing. The tracks were once part of the Lehigh Valley RR, later Conrail and now NS. As for Stanton, it was at one time a station on the East and Amboy Railroad.