Thursday, July 09, 2015

A good week for NS heritage units in NJ!

(Train sightings on 4-27-15 and 4-29-15.)

This past week proved being track side was a good place to be for seeing two of the NS heritage units. They were the Conrail and Lackawanna units. On Monday April 27th, the Conrail unit was a leading intermodal 20E, a Chicago, IL to Croxton, NJ train. It is seen here passing through Stanton Station on NS's Lehigh Line (MP 53) around 10:10 AM. Two days later on April 29th and under perfect sunshine, the Lackawanna heritage unit is teamed up with NS 1116 bringing a 64K, a unit tank train of ethanol, from Chicago to Sewaren, NJ. It is seen head approaching the Valley Road grade crossing in Hillsborough, NJ at Lehigh Line's MP 40.