Thursday, July 09, 2015

TTS 12-Axle Schnabel Car Announcement

Received the following via email from our correspondent in NW Pennsylvania.


A pair of very unique railcars. Perhaps among the smaller Schnabel-type cars built,
these 1973-vintage 12-axle cars were built as CEBX #100 & 101 for Combustion Engineering. They later belonged to ABB and then Alstom. Each car, then, could carry up to 600,000 pounds.  They now can carry an additional 100,000 pounds.
Photo of CEBX #101 with a typical package steam boiler shipment inserted  between the support arms. Note the relative size of the people inspecting the shipment, even with a relatively 'small Schnabel'. The arm shifting and raising apparatus is visible at the pivot points where the arms are supported by the bolster above the middle of the three 2-axle truck assemblies that carry each of the two halves of the car.

Empty car #100 with the two support arms joined for empty movement:

Here is the email announcement from Transportation Technology Services (TTS): 

Transportation Technology Services (TTS) is excited to announce the refurbishment of our two 12 axle Schnabel railcars.  Each Schnabel car is capable of transporting loads up to 700,000 lbs. with a maximum length of 55 ft. The Schnabel cars’ hydraulic system allows loads to be raised or lowered up to 12", and laterally shifted in both left and right directions up to 16” to avoid fouls.  This car is perfect for the shipment of boilers and large transformers.
Please contact Michael Gallagher or Nicole Gray at (817) 421-3535 to discuss your shipping needs and reserve this equipment for your next big project.
Nicole Gray
Transportation Technology Services
175 Westwood Dr. Southlake, TX 76092
817-421-3535 x 86 (office)
817-343-3359 (cell)