Thursday, July 09, 2015

Two pleasant surprises from CSX...

(Train sightings on 4-25-15.) 

Saturday's track side trip brought me some unusual surprises that proved to be rather pleasant on both occasions. The first one happened down on CSX's Trenton Line at the Hillsborough's (NJ) Sunnymeade Road grade crossing. Eastbound CSX intermodal Q190 (Philadelphia, PA to Kearny, NJ) was headed east. Its leader was HLCX 7175 (SD40-2; ex-BN/BNSF) along with CSX 8726 (SD60I; ex-CR 5585) trailing. After I had photographed it passing my vantage point I decided to try for another image further east at another public grade crossing. Making it to that second photo location with time to spare I would wait for its arrival. Shortly thereafter a white SUV stopped and rolled down its window. The driver was a CSX police officer. What followed was a pleasant conversation about railroad photography, safety around railroads and other assorted topics of general interest. This happened to be a chance meeting and the ensuing conversation turned out to be very enjoyable. We concluded our meeting when he extended his hand to shake and said "Be safe!" I reciprocated by doing the same and then we went our separate ways. This chance cordial meeting and ensuing spontaneous conversation added to my day's enjoyment of being track side.