Tuesday, March 29, 2016

B&LE 878, NS 9-1-1 at CN/GTW Flat Rock Yard in MI

Rather than at Canadian National Railway's former Grand Trunk Western RR 'Level Pebble' yard in southeast Michigan, I wish this meeting had instead taken place at XN interlocking (where the parallel CN Bessemer Subdivision curves and crosses the Norfolk Southern Railway's Meadville Line) at the south end of the CN former Bessemer and Lake Erie RR's Shenango Yard in western Pennsylvania. A very cool and colorful juxtaposition (wherever it happened), nonetheless.

B&LE SD38-2 #878 is dressed in its former owner's standard 'pumpkin orange' and black scheme with the classic and historic 'name-wrapped-'round-a-rail-section' logo, while NS 
SD60E #9-1-1 is specially adorned with a unique 'racing-to-the-scene' motif for"Honoring First Responders" (Fire / Police / Medical).   ---Nate