Sunday, March 27, 2016

NS's Interstate heritage unit on 33K

Got a call from a friend informing me that the NS's Interstate heritage unit was leading 33K, a mixed freight heading west from Croxton, NJ to Allentown, PA on Tuesday afternoon. As I crossed over Manville's 13th Street grade crossing a headlight could be seen near Manville yard and was slowly approaching my location.  33K had taken Main 1, formerly known as the Royce Runner, to wait for intermodal 20K. A huge pile of ballast by the grade crossing helped to give me some elevation to photograph it as it traveled down the siding. After 20K had passed, 33K was once again back on the main at CP SULLY in Hillsborough around 4:05. Despite its road grime, it still made for a nice image on this sunny afternoon! That now makes seventeen of the original NS heritage units that I have photographed.