Monday, March 21, 2016

Ringling Bros Blue Unit thru Manville!

March 14 turned out to be a cold and rainy Monday but that did not dampen my spirits to see Ringling Brothers Blue Unit Circus Train, designated as NS 047, head west over the Lehigh Line as it started its 712 mile trip to Norfolk, VA. The Blue Unit had closed out its engagement at the Prudential Center on Sunday and would open at the Norfolk Scope on March 31st. This train consisted of sixty cars, weighed in at a hefty 4,430 tons and was over a mile long measuring 5,314 feet long. It is seen passing beneath the Manville (NJ) Water Tower on Main 1, formerly known as the Royce Running Track. As to why it took the siding was that coming down the main was NS 054, a special move that consisted of two flatcars loaded with pipes. Once that rolling meet was made, NS 047 would once again take the main at CP SULLY and continue its trip west over the Lehigh Line.