Sunday, June 01, 2008

Annual Meeting - Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center

There are two railroad history groups in Phillipsburg, NJ. One of them is having its annual meeting next Saturday, 6/7/08. Below are two emails that we received, one from each group.

Open House Day - Phillipsburg RR station, RR museum, and much more - June 7

June 7 (Sat.) is the annual members meeting of the Friends of the NJ RR & Transportation Heritage Center & Museum, which includes free tours of the CNJ - DL&W Phillipburg station with its railroad museum, a ride behind steam on the old Bel. Del. RR (opened in 1855), a ride on a just restored (a meticulas restoration of many years) NJ Public Service trolley car (it'll be a very, very short ride), plus see CNJ cabooses and box cars in need of restoration, Chestnut Ridge RR's ancient rail bus, and more. You also get free lunch (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.) after the annual (brief) meeting. You must be a member and joining is very easy.

SCHEDULE of the Day's Events:
Station tours are continious between 9 - 10:30am (with free coffee and Danish),
10:30-11:20 the meeting with up-dates on all the great projects of the organization,
11:30-12:20 step up to the grill for delious hot dogs, hamburgers, and beverages.
12:30-2:30 free ride for members behind the NYS&W's #142 steam locomotive along the Delaware River on the old Bel. Del. RR (opened in 1855) [the free ride tickets will be given out at the end of the annual meeting].
3-5pm tours of the Heritage Center's artifacts collection, bus and truck collection with a Reading Co. TOFC trailer, and in the pre-1900 Peoples Water Co. pump house a tour of more artifacts including the 3 story high Atlas Chambers steam engine water pump! Also, during this time period visit the magnificant NJ PS trolley car #2651 and equipment of the Phillipsburg RR Historians.
Throughout the day will be antique cars and trucks running th rough Phillipsburg as part of its Annaul Motor Madness Show (free too).

Membership information for the "Friends" is on line at or join on June 7th at the annual meeting. Remember all these events on June 7 are Free for members. Dues are only $20.

Following email from a member of the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians.

Just to clear up any possible confusion.

1. The Public Service trolley 2651 is owned by the North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society.

2. The CNJ box car is owned by the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society.

3. The Chestnut Ridge Railbus is owned by the Lehigh Valley Chapter of NRHS.

These three items are hosted by the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians. PRRH is a separate entity from the Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center. While PRRH admires the tireless work that Friends is doing for the State Museum, PRRH is a small separately established museum in Phillipsburg.

PRRH owns the CNJ caboose, two L&HR cabooses, the L&HR flanger and low side gondola, a GE 44 ton locomotive, a 1915 Tidewater tank car, CNJ tool cart and Chestnut Ridge crane, plus other items. PRRH operates the world famous Centerville & Southwestern miniature railroad and a small museum and gift shop. Due to a prior commitment. PRRH cannot be open on June 7, but we will be open for Susquehanna's annual meeting on July 12. Admission to the museum and rides on the C&S are by donation. Hope to see everyone then.