Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saturday's trackside sightings...

(Train sightings on 6/7/08)

With the heat and humidity getting up into the uncomfortable zone, I got my first real taste of summertime. With the official start of summer still being two weeks away (June 21st), I hope this wasn’t a sample of what we can expect for the summer. Standing beneath a shade tree, these were the trains that passed my cool vantage point;

8:50-NS 20K; an intermodal that had NS 7653 and PRR 5408 as power.

8:53-NS 21M; after holding for 20K, 21M would head west with NS 9267 and NS 9326 as its power.

9:10-NS 11J; NS 9531 and PRR 8408 would bring sixty-six empty auto racks west.

9:20-CSX L176; CSX 4732 and CSX 7871 would bring a very long consist of empty bare tables east off the Trenton Line.

9:35-CSX Q438; this mixed freight would have CSX 5401, CSX 5212, CSX 4676, CSX 4800 and an unidentified fifth unit bring a mixed freight east. A image of a Wisconsin Central gondola has been included for reference.

10:00-NS 18G; another mixed freight of sixty-five cars. Power for this train was NS 9525 and NS 8431.

10:41-NS 213; my last train of this morning would have NS 9665 and NS 9546 for power.

I kept hoping that a Harsco rail grinding train would come off the siding but it never did. Due to the close quarters of where it was parked, this was the only shot I could get of this train’s “caboose”. Note the water nozzles on each side of the platform.