Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday's sightings...

(Train sightings on 6/14/08.)

saw only four trains pass by my vantage point in Manville as it seemed to be a rather quiet morning both trackside and listening in on the scanner. The trains I saw were as follows:

CSX Q439 @ 9:10- would have as power CSX 5232 and CSX 5201. Behind them were 143 cars of mixed freight.

NS 20K @ 9:30- had NS 2642 as its leader followed by NS 2758, NS 2754 and NS 2743 heading east over tracks 2 of CRSA Lehigh Line.

NS 65J @ 9:36- the reason 20K was switched over to Track 2 was that 65J was holding on Track 1. It had been there since 8:45 when 65J was told 20K "...was 45 minutes to an hour away." 65J's power was two SD40-2's, NS 3413 (ex-CR 6503) and NS 3383 (ex-CR 6449). NS

21M @ 9:50- had NS 6801 and NS 2553 for power on what seemed to be a longer than usual intermodal train. I speculated that maybe the high cost of diesel fuel for trucks is giving the railroad more intermodal business?

With 21M's passing, decided to call it a morning and head out.