Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A good morning to be trackside...

(Train sightings on 6-1-08.)

along the Lehigh Line in Manville. It was nice change of pace to see some CR blue since emphasis is being given to repainting them. In time sequence, the trains observed were as follows:

NS 11J @ 7:40- Power not seen as I only caught the tail end as it passed by my vantage point in Manville.

NS 21M @ 8:00- would have NS 9966, NS 7539 and NS 2637 as power. Overheard on the scanner was that 21M "...had a passenger on board." That message's meaning was lost on me.

CSX 410 @ 8:10- had CSX 4803 as its leader followed by CSX 9017, CSX 7707, CSX 7618, CSX 9038 and a very clean FEC 721 for power.

CSX 439 @ 8:36- would have CSX 7586 and CSX 8030 bringing sixty-eight cars down the Trenton Line.

NS 20G @ 8:50- would have PRR 5433 (ex-CR 6761), BNSF 4321 (sporting some body work on its nose) and PRR 8319 (ex-CR 6060) as its power trio.

NS 214 @ 9:25- had NS 7612, NS 8793 and NS 2559.

NS 18N @ 10:20- its thirty-one autoracks were brought east by NS 9933 and NS 9940. Considering the auto industry and economy's current state, I had to wonder if there were less SUVs or more cars that get good gas mileage being shipped these days.