Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bayonne update...train noise

Received the following via email. This is from a posting to on 6/20/08.

How's Bayonne???? click on the link below (or cut and paste it to your browser)

As of today, 6/20/08 4 main is still in use by us. We made the news on Thursday 6/19/08...seems some people who bought houses next to the RR (just East of 22nd St station) are complaining about the noise of the freight trains "Barreling through at all hours" Now if you can watch the video, we're shoving off some gondolas that were behind the tank cars in the video and those tank cars were for the EJR. We're going by the camera at a whopping 8mph!!!! They do say that we're a slow moving train but the residents told the reporter that we're slower than the trains they were complaining about....track speed is 10mph. If I haven't mentioned before, my partner in crime is exCNJ Cdr Andy Chromey. Andy's got 46yrs on the job...